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VS Basketball GT (Game Time) is a court-side, real-time basketball scoring system. It includes a robust feature set, easy to use graphical input interface, extensive error checking, generates all the traditional reports you require and a whole lot more.

The graphic to the right represents the main input window. For more detail information on how it works, click here.

Additional highlites include:

  • Creates commonly used 'BPK' file for visting team and conference reporting.
  • Optionally can generate live web stats including GameTracker.
  • All Standard reports along with shot charts and several unique ones.
  • Supports media monitors and many scoreboard interfaces.
  • Use in conjunction with VS Basketball PG to create season, career and team reports.
  • Available for Mac or Windows.

A complete demo of the product along with user manual is available. Just e-mail us at and specify "GT" along with your preference for Macintosh or Windows.

To view sample reports click here.