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College Football Publisher Series

The Series consist of three distinct computer programs designed to transform the publishing of College football statistics from a time consuming chore to a simple, quick and efficient process. There is no re-keying of data and no errors. Additionally, unique and insightful statistics, along with a graphical drive chart, are created and published in seconds.

Two of the programs generate specially designed text files that include game or season statistics, style information and tab stops. Each file can be imported into a QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign document instantly creating your formatted pages. The third program creates a graphic file which can be simply dropped on the page.

The source of all this data is a file you can obtain from your school’s Sports Information Department, which is most likely being created after each game. Just have them email you a copy and you are on your way.

Each of the three programs has its own mission:

FBGamePublisher creates all the standard statistic tables for a given game, along with a few special ones. They include team, individual, red-zone, big plays, situation and break downs by quarter.

FBDriveChart creates a graphical drive chart of a game in several standard formats with numerous user selectable options.

FBCumulativePublisher creates team and individual season-to-date statistics tables.


But what about the other sports you cover? If the data you need is available on a web site it can be downloaded and repurposed. The only problem is that web (HTML) and print formatting are not very compatible. HTMLStatStripper is an easy to use software tool designed to bridge that incompatibility. More specifically, it strips away all the web page HTML formatting and replaces certain repeating characters with tabs. The end result is a file which can be flowed into a page layout program where it can be easily “cleaned-up” and styled for publication.

HTMLStatStripper can also perform the same reformatting of data found in PDF files.